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M.N.I.L :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

BLACK N BLING :) + Click the image

All you need is love .

Yo !

i was so stuck up in this little fantasy
didnt recognise that you were just pullin tricks on me
i should have realised when i saw you talking to her
and then recognised that you the biggest playa out hurr
but really what was you thinkin by tellin me you loved me
then takin 2 steps back and sayin you never heard of me
like dammn ! i never knew you could go that low
but truth is your ego's melo and you always tryna play
thinkin you big or something and got game like carmelo
stop lyin to yourself coz you are really just a little fellow
up in my zone actin like you smart, boy you couldnt even play the chello
but real talk i am over you
and if your havin second thoughts, look at me i aint blue
i never cried over you, never really found a reason too
coz when i look at me then look at you im kinda embarresed
like mannn Lisa you were diggin that doo doo

Thursday April 15 :)


I'm back yo :)
I know you missed me ,
but dw I'm still me , still 15 , still black , and still wack :P
I'ma make 2010 my year w. the help of my peoples and we gooona go hard !
2 Live performances comin up soon (i'll post the links in abit )
&& yo Hip hop ain't dead it just had a heart ache , and im ready to bring it back :D
On that note im out :)


p.s i promise that this year its rapping all the wayyy !

2010 :)

Waddup World :) I've been gone for a minute, but now im back. 2010 is my year no boys or strings attached :D This year is about Me, School, Rapping and God & to tell you the truth i don't have time for no snobs Coz this year is my year, im'a pass every test, get outta bad mess & make everybody proud so when i stand on the stage they'll be able to say my name loud like Ms.Lisa, Ms.Lisa, Ms.Lisa !

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sunday, December 27, 2009


1 More Thing , i nearly always forget i made this blog for my rapping . so ....

The name is Lisa but they call me Miss Jones
Coz once i walk into the function the haters know i own
With my J.couture bag walking like i got a problem
but reallly my swagger screams at you like a goblin


YESTER-DAY as in yesterday and today
ohhhh and the day beforeee .LOL
well xmas was reallllly boring , and yesterday was really fun but today iss crap .
so let me bring you guys up to speeeeeeeed ,
YESTER-yester-day was christmas, i had church in the morning then chillaxed at my uncle's house &&& i got a new phone , a black NOKIA E63
YESTER-day was morning was borrring but there was a party at night so imm HAPPPY .
But TODAY i didnt get to go to church =[ coz im sick .
But still able to type =]