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Thursday, April 15, 2010

All you need is love .

Yo !

i was so stuck up in this little fantasy
didnt recognise that you were just pullin tricks on me
i should have realised when i saw you talking to her
and then recognised that you the biggest playa out hurr
but really what was you thinkin by tellin me you loved me
then takin 2 steps back and sayin you never heard of me
like dammn ! i never knew you could go that low
but truth is your ego's melo and you always tryna play
thinkin you big or something and got game like carmelo
stop lyin to yourself coz you are really just a little fellow
up in my zone actin like you smart, boy you couldnt even play the chello
but real talk i am over you
and if your havin second thoughts, look at me i aint blue
i never cried over you, never really found a reason too
coz when i look at me then look at you im kinda embarresed
like mannn Lisa you were diggin that doo doo

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