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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hi All =] ,
( notice how i used a capital for all )
Lol anyways they call me Lisa but i rather Felicia
I live down under maate , and am OFFICIALLY A SENIOR!!
I have been breathing for fifTEEN yearss now (not including the nine months before)
I have a biiiiig olllld elephant of a brother tooo
( not that he's huge but that he forgets in like a mintue ... or is that a goldfish :\ )
I LOVE God , Music , MY PEEPS , and them hot africanamerican jerkers :P
They are so fiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnneeeeeee :D
ThemPRangers <3
But back to ME,
i love love love to rap,
not wrap but rap
like hmmmmmmmm salt-n-pepa rap =]
Ohh i nearly forgot to mention
i have 2 awesomee chikateetas, we also have a blog =] ( i'll put the url up later)
we go by 3G.8Y.1L ( 3 Girls , 8 Years , 1 LOVE - every year we grow older :D)
** btw that picture is from when i was in LA =]

I'm OFF for now ,

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